Quicker results with in-house diagnostics

Sprayberry Animal Hospital uses many in-house diagnostic tests and equipment to help us determine a cause of illness and find a treatment option for your dog or cat. Using in-house equipment and tests allows us to get to a diagnosis-and treatment plan-together faster, which allows your pet to receive needed treatment and medications as quickly as we can.

Our in-house diagnostic capabilities include:

  • Radiography (X-rays)
  • Ultrasound
  • Blood work
  • Urinalysis
  • Echo-cardiogram (ECG)


bulldog with clock
poodle on ultrasound table with probe


Our diagnostics would not be complete without ultrasound. This excellent tool is used to view your pet's soft tissues. Ultrasound captures details that radiography cannot. Using soundwaves (instead of radiation), ultrasound creates images of your pet's internal organs.

Painless and well-tolerated, ultrasound can be used to help diagnose tumors, cysts, GI obstructions, heart issues, potential foreign bodies, and fluid around the heart (edema). This technology gives us an advantage in diagnosing and treating injury, disease, or other health problems. 

In-house Laboratory

While many important diagnostic tests can only be performed by outside laboratories, having in in-house laboratory allows our veterinarians to perform and receive results for other vital tests quickly, all without having to send to an outside laboratory, costing you additional time and money.

Our laboratory provides accurate analysis of tests done for both routine health as well as emergencies, helping your pet on the road to recovery.

Corgi with microscope
Dnepr / Ukraine - 03.14.2019: Owner hold down black dog during ultrasound exam in pet clinic.


If your pet is experiencing problems with his or her circulatory system or heart, Sprayberry Animal Hospital can provide patients with an echocardiogram, also known as an ECG.

Echocardiography a type of ultrasound that uses color Doppler technology to show the flow and/or direction of blood through the heart. ECG can also show the presence of abnormal valves or vessels to help our doctors diagnose and treat a potentially serious issue.

Is your pet in need of testing or diagnostics?

Sprayberry Animal hospital is your trusted partners in your pet's health and well-being. If you need anything from us, feel free to give us a call at (770) 977-8300. You can also request an appointment with one of our veterinarians below.