Very HIGH praises to the front staff . They manage to do 10 things at one time yet leaves room to take time and listen to concerns and are there for you no matter what. Dr. Steven Fairchild, what can I say that has not already been said by so many. Not only in these reviews but when your name comes up in a random conversation. Loving, caring, listens. Intelligent, understanding, sensitive. Not an egomaniac which is so important (although he has earned that right to be one!) If he is not sure, he will not waste all your money guessing. He will refer to a specialist! If he does know but the skills of a specialist would better suit the patient, yes! He refers!!! Always follows up. Any veterinarian that is allergic to cats and daily puts their needs in front of his own~ need I say more? Thank you Sprayberry Animal Hospital for taking such good care of all my babies. Past (3) and present (7). We have been through a lot together, highs and lows. I feel as though you all are family. I can be confident in knowing that you all truly have the patients best interest at heart 24/7

Jill Douglas

Sprayberry has been the vet for our family pets for years and they are a great group of people who are passionate about animals. All of their doctors and techs are knowledgeable and patient and their pricing is fair! The best part is that you’re always greeted with a hello or a whistle from Aston the parrot!

Brandon Peterson

I can’t describe how much we loved Sprayberry Animal Hospital. Our older dog started having swelling in his back legs and then one day couldn’t walk, we knew it wasn’t good and our normal vet was closed. I called and they got us in that very day. The staff was so kind and sympathetic- our dog was taken in on a stretcher in the back, we didn’t have to wait a minute because of our situation. We were given a room and in minutes the doctor came in. He spent well over an hour with us, we never felt rushed and we never felt like he was treating our dog as a lost cause. He gave us every option, didn’t push any unnecessary costs and helped us come up with a plan to try and get us a little more time. He was so kind and really talked with us instead of rushing in and out of the room like you find at most vets. He even called the next day to check on our dog. Our dog was put on 3 different meds, had his stomach drained of fluid and we spent probably an hour and half with the vet and the wonderful caring nurses. The price was only $200 which almost sent us into shock! Our old vet one simple ear infection cost us $350! We have made the switch this is our now permanent vet for both our animals and I highly highly recommend Sprayberry Animal Hospital!

Erin Klein

I would like to thank Sprayberry Animal Hospital, for putting forth great effort in taking care of both me and my dog. During a recent visit to Sprayberry Animal Hospital, one of which I knew I was going to receive bad news, the doctor displayed a wonderful sense of professionalism through compassion and thoughtfulness of the well-being of both me and my dog. Each time I have vistied I have received her undivided attention as they thoroughly check on my dog’s health. The doctors are honest, forthright, caring and very professional and I highly recommend her to any and all pet owners. Thank you so much for putting forth the time and effort towards what is best for the dog.

Matt Scottnick

Went to Sprayberry Animal Hospital this past Holiday season because our Enzo had ingested the plastic end cap to his feather toy. We did not realize how serious his condition was but after calling several places (which by the way would not take this emergency situation) SAH’s doctors and staff really showed their care and commitment by squeezing him in while still being one of the more affordable options. At the end of the day, you can’t put a price tag on beloved family members. I’d like to think all providers are able to offer expert medical care but Dr. Fairchild and his entire staff showed more than just expertise in being able to perfectly perform an extremely risky surgery. They showed their passion and attentiveness and went above and beyond to provide the best care and service possible. I received several follow up calls for days after from Dr. Fairchild himself to check up on Enzo’s status. Now it’s been a little more than six months and he has had a full, healthy, worry free recovery and is back to his old self. I could not thank this team enough and it’s great to know I’ve found my forever animal care provider!

Daisy Yu

Thank you to Dr. Scott Richter for making a donation to the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine in memory of our precious Molly! What a wonderful gesture!

Nancy Goodman Miller

My little fur baby Walter is so well taken care of here. I feel like he is treated like my child (which he pretty much is) I cannot say enough good things about this vet office. I feel like my puppy is treated how my three year old son is at his doctor! 🙂 I would recommend them to any and everyone! I even received the nicest card that was hand written after Walters first visit! Love love love

Caitlin Washington

The service at this office is unbelievable. You can tell they really care for the pets they take care of. The Vet follows up to check on your pet. The extra level of care means a lot to me.

Matt Bearden